Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) reside at the Plant Management Level on the Computer Integrated Manufacturing hierarchy (Purdue Reference Model for CIM, 1989), and provide the interface between Business Systems (ERP) and the Production Control Layer (DCS, PLC/SCADA).

At Deem, MES is a significant and growing element of our business, with approximately 100 talented engineers globally working as part of our MES Business Unit. In the MES arena we provide business knowledge and expertise, project support, solution realization and sustainment services, world class resources, and practical application of our expertise. We are specialists in providing life science specific MES functionality including Electronic Batch Record, Weigh & Dispense, OEE, Serialization and Performance Monitoring Solutions.

MES Life Cycle Approach


  • Generic MES awareness and education
  • Definition and quantifying of business benefits aligned to business objectives
  • Definition of business requirements, strategy and alignment
  • Support and guidance to develop both local and global business strategy

Engagement & Justification

  • Develop the Business Case.
    Support development of the business case via expertise, input and subsequent development rationale of a ‘real’ business case. Recognizing tangible benefits and time to realize.
  • Definition of measurable Business benefits.
    Support of business case collated with engagement and analysis of existing status and future strategy and requirements.
  • Business justification.
    Subset of business case and key input to realization funding.Developed via front end studies, prototype development and validation of key business deliverables.
  • Project funding.
    Support of project and sustaining funding documentation.Preparation of input material for project capital approval.

Requirements & Start-up

  • Stakeholder engagement
    Identification and engagement of key stakeholders, creating a valid input to the MES / MS requirements.Providing rationalisation and educational input to ensure valid requirements gathering and preparation via the engagement of People, Materials and Process.
  • Utilising process such as:
    • Interactive Workshops
    • Process Mapping
    • 1:1 engagement
    • Observations
    • Existing documentation reviews
    • Requirements preparation
    • Risk mitigation


  • Project execution
    Utilizing Deem’s extensive project delivery capability across all aspects of execution including project and program management, governance, customer resource and business support.
  • Stage Gate management
    Continuous project / program monitoring and justification to ensure realization of benefits and strategy.
  • Development
    Development of application platform. Deem is vendor independent and subsequently application independent bringing a unique understanding of many technology platforms and the unique challenges that each bring to the implementation lifecycle.
  • Risk management
    All aspects of risk management throughout the MES life cycle, dealing with both generic project risks and MES specific risks.
  • Test
    Test plan development, support and execution.
  • Validation
    Validation plan development, support and execution
  • Customer / Stakeholder facilitation
    Support of stakeholder, sponsor and customer engagement. Providing an education mechanism for inputs and outputs and a supporting process to support other MES life cycle activities
  • Change Management
    Provision of Planning, Support and Services to manage the significant business process change that typically comes with a MES implementation


  • Once a solution has been successfully developed the rapid deployment across multiple lines or facilities in the most cost effective and timely basis is critical. Minimizing costs through maximum standardization and reuse, knowledge transfer and education via our blended learning solutions


  • 24 x 7 support model for MES deployment & operational activities.
  • MBR Update and development
  • Development and support of continuous MES improvement model in an operational state.?
  • Change management
  • Training and Blended learning
  • Full MES training lifecycle management via Managed Service model

Change Management & Benefits Realization

  • Business change management
    Support and education to enable people, processes and practices to develop and align with the final solution design ensuring smooth deployment and maximized return on investment
  • Benefits Realization
    Alignment of requirements to actual requires solution. Continuous monitoring during development, configuration and parameterization to ensure requirements and deliverables are aligned to the customer and stakeholder.

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